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Camelot likes the idea of Golden Sun DS


While speaking with Eurogamer about their game on the Wii, the subject of RPGs still managed to come up. And we can totally understand why, as the company's Golden Sun and Shining Force series of games are widely regarded as excellent. Camelot even hinted at Golden Sun for the DS, the teases!

"We want to play that game too, just as much as you," comments the Takahashi brothers. " We love Golden Sun! We are working on a lot of different things - a lot of different design documents and so on, including some different RPG ideas. Don't worry, we're thinking about RPG stuff! We've got all these ideas, many many different things we're thinking about - but of course, we still have just one team, so we'll see what happens." Of course, we knew they were working on some kind of RPG earlier this month, but to take this as a confirmation that a Golden Sun for the DS is in the works could very well mean a lot of nights spent home alone, crying in the dark. Or, they actually could be working on it. For the sake of our sanity, though, we're going to remain skeptical.

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