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DISH Network's EchoStar XV satellite gets set for launch... in 2010

Darren Murph

It wasn't too long ago that we sat in awe as EchoStar X lifted off into outer space, and in around two years, we can all relive that moment as EchoStar XV does the same. Announced today, Space Systems/Loral was chosen to "provide a new direct broadcast satellite (DBS) for DISH Network," and the bird will be based on the outfit's "space-proven" 1300 platform. As it stands, this becomes the eighth SS/L satellite built for EchoStar, and while we're not told exactly what it's heading up to handle, we are informed that it will "support the expansion of DISH Network's programming and services." Hopefully it'll have a few less issues than the AMC-14 when it lifts off in 2010, eh?

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