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LittleBigPlanet creators to deliver opening keynote at Paris GDC


We can't wait to get our hands on Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet. The release is still a while away, so we're anxious to hear more information about this upcoming PS3 creation game. Mark Healey and Alex Evans, co-founders of Media Molecule, will deliver the opening keynote at the upcoming Paris GDC. According to the press release, "their talk will touch upon the ways in which game developers can incorporate creativity into their designs, and the future of user-generated content as illustrated by their upcoming title, LittleBigPlanet for the PlayStation 3."

While PS3 Fanboy won't be attending the conference, we do hope that some intriguing newsbits will make their way out of the conference. Who knows? Maybe they'll surprise us with an early release date (we hope!).

Update: Paris GDC is the second French edition of the Game Developers Conference, and is scheduled for June 23-24 at the Coeur Défense Convention Centre in Paris .

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