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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 pushed to 2009 ... or not [update]


Update: It looks like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 won't be delayed after all. UGO's original report misconstrued a statement on the conflicting launches of Activision's two Marvel properties. Both Ultimate Alliance 2 and Spider-man: Web of Shadows are still scheduled for release in 2008.

Original: Despite Activision's early claims of mass-Marvel action in 2008, it appears that the sequel to Marvel Ultimate Alliance won't be hitting shelves this year, after all. The delay is possibly an attempt to avoid dividing sales between the title and Spider-man: Web of Shadows, which is due out this fall.

Reporting from the NYC Comic-Con, UGO Gamesblog spoke with an Activision representative, who stated that the action RPG sequel will not be seeing a release in 2008. The original game (pictured above) was released in 2006 to largely favorable reviews.

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