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Now Hiring: NCsoft needs you!

Shawn Schuster

You can play the heck out of an MMO, you know this already, but have you ever thought about working on one? If you've already dismissed this idea because you're not a programmer or you couldn't draw a stick figure to save your life, don't worry! Game companies need a variety of talent these days, so you might just find something that fits your qualifications.

Most game developer websites have a spot somewhere near the bottom in tiny two point type advertising the fact that they're hiring. Others post on job boards, or even major forums for their respective games. Recently, NCsoft took a slightly more aggressive approach by planting their help-wanted sign right on their front page. Others have done this recently as well, including Blizzard. Don't be afraid to check out the job listings on your favorite MMO's website for the possibility to get yourself started on the track to developing games, too.

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