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One Shots: Fighting trolls on the internet

Okay, so it's not the normal troll one might expect to see on a website... Unless, of course, you're coming to Massively, in which case, it could really be any one of a plethora of troll types! Today's One Shots troll, however, comes to us from Lord of the Rings Online, where this intrepid fellowship squared off to fight this fairly perturbed monster! Captain Finudir describes the scene for us:

From left to right: Robertolangoiz, our esteemed lore-master, is clearly checking his notes for the best way to take down this troll. Galoros, our hunter, happens to be our highest level fellow at the moment, so he is drawing the attention. Captain Finudir of Gondor assesed the situation after having ordered his herald Alamast to sneak around and cut down the troll at the knees. Meanwhile, the troll looks slightly annoyed, unaware that his about to meet an untimely death.

Huzzah, say we! We're all for the MMO crowd out there, fighting the good fight against trolls. (Present troll-rolling company excepted, of course.)

Do you have some great shots of combat, of you and your friends waging epic (and not-so-epic) battle? Perhaps you've got a hilarious screen of a wipe and a great funny story to go with it? Whatever your story is, we'd love to check it out. Just drop us a quick note and a screenshot to oneshots AT massively DOT com! Only please, no trolls unless they're the video-game graphic kind.

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