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PS3 gets armor plating, can now withstand the crushing boredom of no games

Nilay Patel

We kid, we kid. MGS4 and GT5 are going to rock and you know it. Still, that doesn't excuse the existence of Messiah Entertainment's "Hardwear Console Armor," which apparently enables your PS3 to deflect bullets in addition to playing games and Blu-ray movies. Don't forget to add the controller armor, which'll actually probably impart some much-needed weight to the SIXAXIS and also let you break the crap out of your TV when you toss the thing in frustration. Seriously, take the $30 these things'll cost you and put it towards a DualShock 3, alright? You'll be much happier, your console will look less ridiculous, and no one will make fun of you. Okay, so two out three ain't bad.

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