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RCDb's BD Live Platform: one more option for creating interactive content

Darren Murph

Just in case the studios didn't have enough development tools to kick out BD-Live discs, Related Content Database (RCDb) is making sure at least one other viable option is available. The firm's BD Live Platform, which is already being used by Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, promises to "save studios time and money in crafting advanced bonus features." Of course, the obvious result from this would be more BD-Live-enabled flicks hitting the shelves, but only time will tell if that will in fact be the case. Nevertheless, this software enables devs to "use a set of simplified encoding instructions to craft various interactive extras," which is obviously much easier than coding each project from scratch. Still, if the first few titles are any indication, we'd say a bit of effort should be allocated to improving user experiences before worrying over quantity.

[Via Video Business]

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