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Reinventing The Wii Wheel


Mario Kart games are all about having a great time racing against your friends -- and yet the Mario Kart Wii package shamefully includes but one Wii Wheel attachment. You could purchase a separate Wii Wheel, but that's a bit costly, and requires the foreknowledge that you'll have a second player soon. And then what if you have three friends coming over? Without four Wheels, you could face a controller shell emergency.

In such desperate situations, you may go scrambling about your house for something that can be fashioned into a DIY Wii Wheel. In order to save you a bit of panic, we've come up with a bunch of makeshift Wii Wheels that will work in a pinch -- and some that wouldn't, but are almost as funny as adults holding fake steering wheels in the air and pretending to drive with them.

Head for the starting line!

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