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Spending on home video nearly even with last year

Darren Murph

Despite the fact that consumer spending on the whole has dipped of late here in the US, it seems that the home video sector has been able to withstand major setbacks. Reportedly, American consumers spent some $5.6 billion on rentals and purchases through the first three months of 2008, which is just a 0.3-percent drop from the same quarter a year ago. It was noted that Q1's figures were boosted by 400- to 500-percent growth in high-definition disc sales, which amounted to around $150 million. Lastly, it's said that Blu-ray sales accounted for somewhere between 5- and 8-percent of all home entertainment sales for Q1 2008, and of course, demand for Sony's now entirely-more-relevant PlayStation 3 continues to head upwards. Thirsty for even more stats? Check 'em out in the read link below.

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