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What is it those WAR devs do all day, anyway?

Shawn Schuster

Ahh, to have the life of an EA Mythic developer. Sit at the beach all day, sipping margaritas, getting massages from Adriana Lima and Jessica Alba. Occasionally taking a break from that to write a line of code or answer a support request. That is truly the life, am I right?

Sadly, that is not the rock star life of a dev, no matter what you may want to believe. The main PR guys (Jeff Hickman, Paul Barnett and Josh Drescher) from the makers of the highly-anticipated Warhammer Online sat down with to let us know what really goes on in their hectic lives. While it's not all fun and games, there is an element of hard work and rigorous travel schedules to contend with. Despite the fact that MMO developers are achieving a celebrity status lately, they have their work cut out for them in not only creating, but maintaining a successfully organic game.

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