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Earthworm Jim 4 announced, no platform yet

Nick Doerr

This is sort of a mixed bag. We're very excited to hear Interplay has teamed up with the creator of Earthworm Jim, Douglas TenNapel, to bring us a fourth game in the series. Especially after our PSP game was canceled by Atari. But, with the first two games getting pushed onto the Wii's virtual console and no platform announced for this game, we've a few reasons to think this won't get on the PSP.

First, Interplay is just out of bankruptcy. They probably won't develop on the more expensive handheld again ... not yet, at least. Second, they've a history with Nintendo and Sega. Since Sega isn't around, well, you know. So while we'd love to say the game will make its way onto the PSP, we can't guarantee anything. Though, who knows, maybe they'll simply revive the old game and do a makeover. We'll keep tabs on this, so you keep your fingers crossed!

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