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Guildwatch: "officers dont do officers like u did"

Mike Schramm

One person in the conversation above is making sense. And the other one is named "Krazyhunter." Be careful whose alt you roll against in Kingdom of Fire on Khadgar -- losing a roll on a piece you need to an alt of a co-GM might get you kicked. And, oh yeah, no matter what guild you're in, be careful who you send angry whispers to, because they might show up here on Guildwatch.

The story above and much more in this week's GW, including the return of lots of recruiting news. If you have tips for any of the sections below, send them along to, and click the link below to see this week's drama, downed, and recruiting news.


  • Converge on Misha is no more. Rumor has it that while they formed as a T5 raiding guild a little while ago, the guild was fraught with deception -- they worked hard to recruit players out of other guilds instead of building a playerbase up on their own. "With a guild built on lies and deception" says our tipster, "the inevitable happened": the guild leader was stuck with a guild full of people with no loyalty for him, and eventually split, taking half the guild bank and leaving the rest to /gquit or /wowquit.
  • Tremor on Korgath has been raiding lately -- they've downed Malacrass and Zul'jin in ZA, as well as 5/6 and 1/4. But we're told by a tipster that something cool happened for them lately: they had a guild member who, because of financial issues, was unable to enjoy playing with a low-end laptop. So the guild banded together, put together a nice computer for him with a new monitor, and got him back into raiding shape. Very nice. Not something you'd do for just anyone, but a very nice gift for the person who needs it.
  • Language Drama! Midnight Guardians Elite (we're not sure which server) recently tried to ban foul language from guild chat (which is a fairly noble cause), but one of the officers decided that instead of giving a warning, he'd demote a guild member because someone said "WTF." That didn't fly with some members and officers, the GL sided with the demoter, and we're told that half of the officers have split to form Epic Crusaders.
  • EndGame on Garona-A had some drama recently. They've been doing well lately, after finishing off Leo and Mag (Fathom-Lord is on notice), but on the same night they downed Leo, two former guild members ninja'd off two of the guild bank tabs. And it was after they had made a point to gear, Skeetahz, one of the ninjas. Not cool.
  • Guildmerge: Empire of Shadows of Bonechewer has merged into Ending Eternity to create a much larger guild (they didn't mention the name, but it would be cool to call it The Ending Empire Eternity of Shadows). They recently dropped Mag and Gruul, and are running 3 Karas a week. Very nice, good luck in SSC.
  • Obsidian on Crushridge-A, just killed Illidan (grats!) but as you can see, they're in the Drama section, not the Downed section, and it's because of their (former Main Tank), Lumn. He's a prot warrior who went MIA for the scheduled Illidan kill (that the whole guild was excited about apparently), so they put the third offtank, a prot Paladin in his place. After a few hours of wipes, they did it -- Illidan dead (not to mention that they became the first guild on the server to kill with a prot Pally tank). And then the MIA tank heard about it, and whining and pouting ensued -- our tipster says that Lumn hasn't been back to the guild or the game since. "His bridges," our tipster says, "are doused with napalm." And rightly so -- either show up to the raid, or get replaced. No one gets to be a diva.
  • Just in case you're a PvP guy who's vocally anti-PvE and "how easy it is": don't get caught applying to a PvE guild. And if you're that PvE guild, maybe you don't want to actually take the guy in, like Rage on Skullcrusher actually did.
  • Blood and Khaos on Drak'thul-A is transferring off the server. They're supposedly fed up with the massive amount of Horde on the server, and they are moving to a more balanced server. And it might be more bad news for Drak -- with B&K leaving, says our tipster, the server is losing one of the few remaining Alliance raiding guilds left.
  • About time we had a good drama thread on the actual guild's forums. In Kingdom of Fire on Khadgar, a core raider and officer named Shakkra rolled on the boots from the Chess event, as did a co-GM hunter's alt, Krazyhunter. The co-GM freaked out and kicked both that officer and another officer (wait -- for rolling as an alt on something that was an upgrade for both?). Sure enough, Krazyhunter tried to defend his decision, and all of the whispers got caught in screenshots, then posted on the guild's forums. But a posting on that same forum might reveal some of the story that our tipster didn't -- maybe, after losing the boots to the hunter alt, Shakkra quit the Kara group and then used his officer powers to /gkick some people of his own? Update: That's not true, sorry -- Shakkra didn't /gkick anyone. We read the thread wrong. Either way, Krazyhunter seems a little Nutzz. Better off out of that guild, in my opinion.
  • Some wimpy Warglaive cross-guild drama between This is how we Reroll and Crowd Control on Blackwing Lair. C'mon guys, sending tells during the Illidan fight? Surely you can do better than that.
  • Brewnor is out of Reign in Blood on Draka, but we can't quite figure out why. Hint: if you're going to make an @YourOldGuild forum post, that's the time to spill all the beans, not announce that you're out of the guild and not tell anyone why.
  • We got some good emails on this moronic ninja, but Matthew Rossi already covered it in a great post that you should read if you haven't yet.
  • News around Blade's Edge server is that Juks, the GM of Honors Gaze has been banned from the game by Blizzard. The guild's 400+ members apparently have no idea what happened, hopefully he'll show up and explain at some point.
  • No eXcuses on Mannoroth continues progressing -- Magtheridon, Tidewalker, and Leotheras and Karathress have all fallen down this month. Helpful guild members and nice raiding attendance mean that a Vashj kill is not far behind for sure.
  • Resurrected on Mok'Nathal-A killed Illidan after a few weeks of standstill due to lack of attendance. Sunwell is next!
  • Guns For Hire on Gorgonnash-H say they've Kara and tell us that "Nalorakk is, as you so aptly put it, on notice."
  • Void on Dath'Remar-A has had Group 2 issues on Moroes, but this past week, they steamrolled through every boss in Kara, one-shotting everything except the Big Bad Wolf. Here's to doing it again this weekend!
  • Heretic downed Leotheras, and after 3 days of wipes finally also downed Al'ar after a 1% wipe. Grats!
  • Scathe on Frostwolf has downed Prince twice and is heading into ZA! They're also recruiting healers of all kinds.
  • Unrelenting is a raiding alliance on Cenarion Circle that has one shot Gruul the first two times they've gone so far, and have Maggy on notice.
  • Addicted on EU Wildhammer-A is regularly one-shotting Gruul and just finished off Maggy in two tries. They're working on T5 content now -- Loot Reaver is on notice.
  • Nightfall on Uldum-H finished off Archimonde, and then decided to one-shot all of Hyjal a day later. BT is next, and then killing some of those Blood Elves on the Plateau.
  • After much guild drama and some /gquits Special Blend on Stonemaul has cleared Mag two weeks running now and their tanks have picked up their resist gear, so SSC is the next target. Good luck guys!
  • Fury on Draka took down Void Reaver this weekend. Grats! Did you see (or not see, as the case may be) any invisible orbs?
  • Cult of the Dead Cow on Warsong is apparently the 51st guild on PvE progression, which ain't bad for some casual adults. They recently downed Mag on their first try, and Jan'alai got rocked as well. Hex Lord only got to 52%, but they have to save something for another day -- he's on notice.
  • Knights of Ni on Alleria has demolished Karazhan, getting through there in just a week. Gruul's is on notice, and Zul'Aman is on tap next The'yre also recruiting non-Pally healers, non-Pally tanks, and non-Pally priests (they've got too many Pallies already).
  • Celestial Reign on Spinebreaker-A has defeated Al'ar and High Astromancer Solarianfor progression kills. Anetheron is on notice, and SSC has to be taken care of in there sometime, too.
  • Sin of Fate on Eitrigg has been running Kara at least every other weekend for the last few months, and just this week, they finally did a complete clear, including Nightbane (the only wipe in the game was on a random trash mob pull, which figures). The only difference from their previous runs, they say, is that they didn't have any Mages along. No mages in Kara FTW?
  • After cleaning the house of loot whores and drama queens, Happy Funtime Guild on Greymane is now 5/6ths of the way through ZA and has found an ally guild in Celestial to keep pushing 25 man content.
  • The Bit Players on Lothar-A tucked Leotheras in for a dirt nap -- that just leaves Vashj on notice in SSC.
  • Blood Raiders on EU Draenor-H had their second run in Karazhan, and eased through Attumen, Moroes, Maiden of Virtue, Big Bad Wolf, and Curator. Great start, guys -- Shade of Aran is on notice.
  • Rolling With My Gnomies (on Suramar-A) has dropped Solarian, and Fathom Lord bit the dust, too. Hopefully Leotheras won't see whats coming cause' he's next on the chopping block...
  • Quarantine on the Madoran server celebrated their first year in existence by taking their very first trip into Mount Hyjal. The result? Rage Winterchill one-shotted! Nice job.
  • Ascension of Blackwater Raiders-H scored another server first with Archimonde -- he's fallen, and can't get up. Grats.
  • Cloverfield on Frostmane downed their first Shade of Akama, finally nailed Kael'thas after fighting with DCs on previous attempts, and spun the wheel of death for Teron Gorefiend. Bloodboil is on notice and they're on their way in this week.
  • Cake or Death (Rexxar) downed the Prince for the first time and set their sights on a full clear of Karazhan last week, and this week they made good: they cleared all of Karazhan (yes, even the animal boss), and Netherspite and Nightbane each got taken down first try.
  • Valeria Victrix on Thorium Brotherhood just downed The Lurker Below in SSC making them 1/6 in SSC and 2/4 in TK. They're also looking for dedicated raiders of any class -- hit up their site if interested.
  • Forlorn Legacy on Windrunner-A has defeated the Eredar Twins in the Sunwell Plateau! And they even sent along a video to prove it. Grats!
  • Twilight Knights, a casual guild on Blackwing Lair, downed every boss in Kara last weekend. Very nice job.
  • Delirium on Kirin Tor-A is now 5/5 in Mount Hyjal with their first Archimonde kill coming this past week and is also 5/9 in Black Temple. Illidan, you and your minions are on notice!
  • Azeroth's Most Deadly on Andorhal-H is still poking around for some raiders. They specifically want a Resto Shammy and any other healer, and a Shadow Priest and any other caster DPS. Please have Kara or T4 gear (or better) and be ready to run SSC and TK. Hit them up in game to join.
  • The Ancient Lords of Terenas-A is recently reformed and now recruiting for all levels and classes. They are a casual mature guild that heads to Kara weekly and is heading towards 25mans as well. They're also doing "Monday Night Fights" (running PvP premades). If you're looking for a guild that goes above the average, check them out.
  • Falcon Punch (EU Darkspear-H, and winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) are recruiting tanks and healers for a second Karazhan team and to move into 25mans. For more info whisper Archeus ingame.
  • Latenight Pwnography on Blood Furnace-H is recruiting all classes for their second Kara farming team. They're also looking to head to 25mans eventually.
  • Mutiny Rising on Cenarion Circle-A is looking for more dedicated people to fill some 25 man raid spots. They're 2/4 and 2/6 and seeking all classes -- just be geared up and know how to raid. Attendance means two of the three Tues, Wed, and Thurs raiding nights, so if you're interested, check them out.
  • Knightmare Legion on Mal'Ganis is a guild with a "frikkin' awesome" tabard that is recruiting some more players headed up to 70 and beyond. They're seeking to grow, so if you're close to 70 or already there and looking to start up some endgame activity, join up!
  • Sons of the Fallen Ones on Smolderthorn-H had great success with their last recruiting drive and have begun farming Mag and Gruul, so now they need about 5 more dedicated healers of all classes to join up as they push on into SSC and TK.
  • Fluffy Pink Bunnies on Darkspear is a high-end casual raiding guild, and is recruiting all 70s. Kara is on farm, running weekly Gruul's, Mag is next! They're especially looking for gamers age 25+.
  • Bane on Anetheron is recruiting, and looking for a resto Druid, a holy Pally and Priest, a Resto Shammy, and a good 'lock (though they'll also take other classes if you're worth it). Visit their website to submit your app.
  • Emancipated on Silvermoon is a newly formed raiding guild that's now recruiting all raid ready classes for their TK/SSC runs. To find them, visit and search for Emancipated.
  • Coup de Grace, mature (18+) casual raiding guild on EU Lightbringer-H, has Karazhan on farm and is seeking more people to move on to Gruul, Magtheridon and beyond.
  • Fatal Knights of The Forgotten Coast-A is currently recruiting Healers and Tanks levels 65 and above. They're currently starting our first runs through Kara as a fairly casual guild. This being said, they''re all about learning and appreciate all members to be understanding as they break the learning curve.
That's it for this week's GW (what, that's not enough?! fine, click to the archives below). Tune in next week for more drama, downed, and recruiting news (and don't forget to send some in if you've got it. Until then, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a little fantasy drama (that turned out to be a hoax), and last week's hilarious Vent recording. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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