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Let us play Broken

Matthew Rossi

One of my favorite quests of all time is Ruse of the Ashtongue, to the point where I won't even turn the quest in no matter how many times we kill Al'ar. The reason I love it? Because it lets me experience what it would be like to switch my main, only not to my ordinary draenei warrior, but rather to a super-awesomely deformed and cool broken. I've always been dreading turning it in and now that we don't have to do so to get keyed for BT, I'm debating waiting until we're done with Tempest Keep once and for all (I could have already completed An Artifact From the Past this past week but I don't want to) just so I can tank as a broken every week.

Frankly, I've always wanted the option to play as a broken from the moment they introduced the draenei as a playable race. If I could, I would switch race to broken in a country minute. I just think they're awesome. The only other race who piques my interest this much are the worgen, and I think they'd look kind of dumb in my gear, but the broken have this whole 'Hulk smash' vibe and I've always liked their voice emotes. "Must not give up... must....remember the light."

I'd love it if we had more options like this: orcs could play fel orcs with the massive teeth and red skins, tauren could play Grimtotems (I guess Tauren could fake it pretty well by selecting the right color choices), night elves could play as satyrs or naga (maybe even as dryads or keepers of the grove), and draenei could be broken. Is there any sub-race or variant you'd play? Leper gnomes? Dark iron dwarves? Fully skeletal forsaken? Forest trolls? Man, the mind boggles at the possibilties, which is why it will probably never happen, but I can dream.

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