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The Final Fantasy XI anti-RMT task force strikes back

Michael Zenke

The anti-RMT task force run by Square/Enix is one of the most vigorous in the industry. Though it's debateable how effective measures like this are, it has to be reassuring to Final Fantasy XI players to know that there's someone on the case. Square has released a number of updates in its war on the goldfarmers, notifying the playerbase on a rash of online attacks that have hit the community recently. One article offers up preventative tips, and walks the reader through the process of verifying and recovering from an account hacking.

Another offers plenty of details on recent bannings, updates to a recent article outlining similar banning statistics. Since the last update roughly 600 players have been banned for using movement hacks, as an example. Roughly 2200 players have lost their accounts for botting, and another 1700 were caught participating in RMT activities. This last activity is the primary concern of the task force, which reports on its recent initiatives in a third piece. Illegal fishing and mining are in the group's future plans, and (as well) the report tracks the level of banning activity over the last year. Whether it's working or not, it's fascinating to see the fruits of their labor.

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