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A look at PS3's third-gen heat sink

Nick Doerr

It's time for another lesson in creativity, energy conservation and heat reduction, folks! Did you know the PlayStation 3 is about to move onto its third generation heat sink? Furukawa Electric brings the newest version of the heat sink to the table, boasting some impressive stats when compared to launch PS3's. Sans numbers, this version has a smaller size, a lighter weight, and a cheaper cost. It's a triumvirate of awesome-sauce.

In the first two generations of heat sinks, the RSX and Cell were both cooled by one giant heat sink, but now they are cooled by two separate ones. Copper heat pipes are no longer used. Power consumption is down to about 135W, compared to launch PS3's using about 200W's. It also cuts the weight in half, from 700g to 350g because it's using fewer components. Sure, it's all technical, but it's awesome to see how much our lovely machine is evolving without us ever really noticing. Nice job, Furukawa Electronics.

[Via PS3Forums]

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