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Fish cheaply on the Wii

Candace Savino

Fishing titles aren't our most coveted games, but if you like the thought of motion-controlled fishing with the Wiimote, this is a good week for you. We assume that if most of you were to pick up such games, though, they would have to be ones that were on sale (at least, that's how we roll). So, here are your two choices:

First off, Amazon's "Deal of the Day" is the Dreamcast port Sega Bass Fishing for $19.99. Keep in mind that the deal only lasts until 3am EDT, so you don't have too long to mull it over. The other fishing software on the menu is Rapala Tournament Fishing for $23.99 at GameQuest Direct (use coupon code CAG1SHIP for free shipping). This sale will last until Wednesday.

Like we said before, we're no experts when it comes to this genre, so if you have any insight for potential buyers, go ahead and share it in the comments.


[Via CAG]

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