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Ikatan: Guess the mystery squid

Eric Caoili

Japanese publisher Cyberfront (not to be confused with Cyber Connect) has posted a mystery page for an upcoming Nintendo DS game without revealing any information beyond the image you see above -- a possible title (Ika = squid?), a possible year of release, and a possible piece of surume, or dried squid. Oh, the possibilities!

A bit of background on Cyberfront -- you might recognize the company's name for its localizations of PC titles, like The Orange Box and Civilization IV, in Japan. Cyberfront's DS catalog includes Ryoukiki Exercise, New Zealand Story DS, and Inugaisha (Dog Company).

So, what could Ikatan be? A cooking game limited to squid recipes? An undersea SRPG dominated by armies of cephalopods? A Super Mario Bros. remake played from the perspective of a wandering Blooper? Give us your best guesses!

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