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Official patch notes for LOTRO Book 13: Doom of the Last King

Michael Zenke

It seems like just yesterday Lord of the Rings Online Book 12 was being pushed out to the live servers. In reality it was more like two months, and here we are again on patch day. That means it's time for one of my favorite parts of being an MMO player: patch notes! The official patch notes are now available, and they're Massive. Here are just a few of the highlights:
  • The epic quest continues with an 11 quest arc.
  • An entirely new region to explore, the icy realm of Forochel. It's got 100 quests and a brand new faction to ally yourself with.
  • Monster play fans gain an entirely new class, the Orc Defiler.
  • The first PC hobby has been added, the Fishing hobby.
  • Massive changes to the Annúminas area, tweaking CTF play and adding repeatable side quests.
  • A number of changes to monster trophies, including the phase-out of many of the currently available ones.
  • Much more, including enemies that now disarm, longer lasting diseases, tweaks to a number of player classes, and numerous improvements to PvMP.
Be sure to check out the full notes to get all the data you need, and don't let the frostbite get you!

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