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Onkyo 2.1 HTX-22D sound system taps DTS' Surround Sensation

Darren Murph

Not content with dropping a few new HTIB systems and an all new receiver, Onkyo is apparently delivering a 2.1-channel home audio system, too. The HTX-22D, while not adequate for surround sound purists, may be just the thing for apartment dwellers and movie lovers on a budget. It's said to be the first system to feature DTS' CES-announced Surround Sensation feature, and it also boasts a built-in display on the powered subwoofer. You'll also find a trio of HDMI ports (two in, one out) and support for a smattering of audio codecs. Head on down to the read link for the full list of specs, and keep an eye for these to land across the pond in May for £300 ($590).

[Thanks, Steve]

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