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PSN Thursday: Echoing that the echochrome demo releases today


Happy echochrome demo day! But, for those not in the mood to Escher their minds, there may be a couple other things in this week's PSN update to pique your interest.

The PS1 classic R-Types is available for $6 and bundles R-Type with R-Type II for one giant classic shmup experience. The Call of Duty 4 fans can get excited that the Variety Map Pack is finally available. Living room performers should be happy that Karaoke Revolution: AIE added a massive variety of new songs. There's a lot of stuff in this update, so check it all out after the break.

Europe has an update too. Want to know what it is? Head on over to PS3 Fanboy.

Gallery: echochrome | 22 Photos

Downloadable games:

  • PS1 classic: R-Types ($6) -- Includes R-Type and R-Type II
Add-on Content:
  • Eye of Judgement: Biolith Rebellion 2 Expansion Set Two ($15)
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Variety Map Pack ($9.99)
  • Rock Band DLC
  • GH III Def Leppard pack ($6.25)
  • Army of Two SSC Challenge Pack ($7.50)
  • Karaoke Revolution: AIE songs ($1.50 a piece)
  • echochrome
  • Iron Man
Game Videos:
  • Resistance 2 Teaser Trailer
  • GT5 Prologue Techno Video
  • Army of Two SSC Challenge Teaser Trailer
  • FIFA 08 Features Video
  • Iron Man Action Trailer
  • PROTOTYPE Discover Evolution
  • Interview with Wyclef Jean P.1
  • Interview with Wyclef Jean P.2
  • Behind-the-Scenes of "Fast Car"
Movie and Blu-ray disc Trailers (Free):
  • 88 Minutes
PS3 Themes (Free):
  • Eye of Judgement Theme #2
PS3 Wallpaper (Free)
  • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue wallpaper (x4)
PC Store (for PSP):

  • LocoRoco ($21.99)
  • Kingdom of Paradise ($10.99)
  • R-Types (PSone Classic) ($5.99)
  • echochrome PSP Demo (also downloadable through the PS3 system)
  • LocoRoco Trailer
  • Kingdom of Paradise Trailer
  • R-Type Command Trailer
  • Resistance 2 Trailer
  • GT5 Prologue Techno Video
  • LocoRoco Wallpapers (x2)
  • Kingdom of Paradise Wallpapers (x5)
  • LocoRoco Nightmare Track (free)

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