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Raleigh's ABC11 Eyewitness News goes HD... eight years too late

Darren Murph

Seeing a couple of news stations make the leap to HD within one week was pretty cute at first, but this is becoming downright scary. The Triangle's own ABC11 has become the fifth network within the past seven days to transition its local newscasts to high-def. Comically enough, the station is diving in extraordinarily late, as cross-town rival WRAL-TV has been airing its news in HD since 2000 -- yeah, eight years ago. Raleigh residents won't hesitate to boast of having the nation's first HD news station, and at this point, we're wondering if ABC11 can pry the critical eyes of residents away from the station they've been viewing for so long. But hey, we won't kvetch about added competition.

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