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Turbine announces Lord of the Rings Online anniversary events

Michael Zenke

All day we've been celebrating the release of Book 13, and the one year anniversary of Lord of the Rings Online's launch. In honor of those events, Turbine has announced a month of celebrations! If it's been a while since you trod upon the rich loam of Tolkien's world, you're going to be welcomed back with open arms. Starting on May 8th lapsed players will be able to return for a five day trial period, to get to know the game all over again. If you decide you like Middle-earth and want to jump back in, you're going to have a couple of pricing options. They've reopened the lifetime membership gates for $199. If that's too steep for you, reupping your account this month will lock you into a $9.99 pricing scheme ... just like back when the game first launched.

It's not all just fun and games out here, though. For those of you on the inside of the gameworld looking out, there's plenty to celebrate. During the Lord of the Rings Online anniversary celebration, monsters throughout the land will drop 'rare items' when they're slain. Players can exchange these rare items for special gift boxes containing anniversary loot. These will apparently be one-of-kind items intended to 'aid [you in your] adventures in Middle-earth.'

Sounds like it's a great month to jump back into the game. Good luck with the orcs!

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