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Blockbuster putting GTA IV on the 'new release' wall


Starting with Grand Theft Auto IV, Blockbuster Video will begin adding video games to the "sacred" outer new release wall. Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes tells Variety that the GTA IV launch is a "real springboard" for the company and it plans to use it as a centerpiece for moving games to where only the latest Hollywood releases used to tread.

Now, granted, if this were before the advent of Gamefly this news would be much more exciting -- although, we'd still have to worry about pesky late fees. Blockbuster has been hurting in recent years as if faces competition from many angles, not the least of which is Netflix. This move for video games in Blockbuster doesn't seem so much like a sign of respect for the growing games industry, but as another desperate move by a company that's struggling to survive.

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