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Is Blu-ray's success too reliant on PS3?

Nick Doerr

We can't say we didn't see this coming. It was inevitable someone would tie the PlayStation 3 (a Blu-ray player) to the success of Blu-ray. This startling conclusion is brought to us by ABI Research, who note the Blu-ray market is "heavily tilted" on the success of Sony's console. That's not all, though. It seems they've concluded that upscaling DVD players are doing just fine, since many of today's DVD enthusiasts are sitting tight for digital distribution to take over. Blu-ray can't "rest on its laurels," they say.

It's true that the PS3 is the main unit getting Blu-ray sales. It's a Blu-ray player. We're certainly not going to stick a Blu-ray disc in our toaster. If it's really a problem for standalone players, it's definitely a matter of price. It's telling that the PS3 is less expensive and more versatile. Who knows where the future will take us, but we'll probably be hand-in-hand with our PS3's.

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