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Get swatty! H3 Team SWAT double EXP weekend

Dustin Burg

Friday has finally come and with it brings another special (and very popular) Halo 3 double EXP weekend! This weekend's double EXP matchmaking playlist is one of our favorites, old school Team SWAT complete with Battle Rifle shots to the face that require cat-like reflexes to pull off. Did we mention the Team SWAT double EXP playlist is already available? Well, it is and wraps up sometime early Monday morning, so get to it! Also worth mentioning is the fact that this will be the last time we see Team SWAT as a double EXP playlist because, starting May 1st, it'll be graduating to a Halo 3 standard ranked (and DLC required) playlist. Now get to EXP earnin' ya'll!

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