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Lara Croft parent SCi gets 60m from Warner Bros.


SCi Entertainment, video game publisher Eidos' troubled parent company, has been on the ropes as of late. After rumors of a takeover earlier this month and turning down an outright acquisition offer earlier this week, it's gotten a £60 million investment from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment with the sale of 171 million shares.

SCi also announced a strategic relationship with the entertainment giant – which also has a presence in gaming with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment – giving the UK-based company "increased scale" in the North American market. Warner apparently has great faith in SCi's "new management team" and "their track record of rich franchises" like Tomb Raider (Underworld remains "encouraging" they say), Hitman, Deus Ex, and Thief.

... alright, we made up the Thief part. We're just still curious what Eidos Montreal is up to.

[Via GameDaily BIZ]

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