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Metal Gear Online beta patched again (we're so close)

The regrettably delayed Metal Gear Online beta is fast approaching; in fact, with the servers going online in less than a day, it's close enough that we could probably sneak up behind it, snap its neck, and shove it in a locker somewhere. But, before all that, Konami has one (we hope) last patch, to "modify the way in which the beta client connects to their server."

We'd love to tease them and suggest they add more than one "server" but the patch's release note also contained the following apology: "We would like to first offer our most sincere apologies to our customers who had waited eagerly for the start of the 'Metal Gear Online Premiere Beta' test for all the inconvenience and confusion caused thus far." You know what, Konami? We wanted to stay angry with you, but we can't pout at a classy apology like that. We know it's a beta and we know you're taking this opportunity to iron out all the kinks before the real deal starts June 12. But hey, as long as we're still working out the kinks, might we humbly suggest you lose the ridiculous Konami ID + Game ID + PSN ID requirement?

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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