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One Shots: Unicorns! Everywhere!

So it isn't quite as unicorn-laden as the original Tabula Rasa was, but you have to admit, seeing uniformed unicorns is definitely a strange sight. While Razorwire may not have cared for this three-month veteran reward gadget, it certainly seems to have become somewhat popular amongst players like Mark "Jukovic" Benson (the one who sent this great One Shots) that understand the joke about Tabula Rasa's previous development period. That, and it's just downright silly, which gives it a 10 in our book. We love it when devs do something that shows their sense of humor to the players.

Do you have some screenshots of silly things from your MMO? If not, go get some! Then send those screenshots to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com. We can always use a good laugh.

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