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Rumorang: BioShock PS3 port in September


While left out of the Quartermann roundup posted on 1UP yesterday, the oft-rumored, oft-denied BioShock PlayStation 3 port could arrive this September, reports NeoGAF user "SuperSonic1305" upon scavenging the June issue of EGM. The revived rumor suggests the port will include the extra DLC content and sport upgraded visuals (how about a better ending?). In addition, BioShock 2 reportedly will be "shown" around the same time the port is due. Presumably, the sequel (or prequel?) will be released for Xbox 360 and PC, with a likely version developed for PS3 as well -- why not? And if that is the case, it might make sense to prime the Sony faithful with a port of the original, though BioShock is quickly becoming "last year's game." Two questions: Is a PS3 port too late to the party? But if it is arriving, however late, why keep it a secret?

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