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SOCOM Confrontation exclusive gameplay footage from 1UP Show

Majed Athab

The 1UP Show has some exclusive first footage of SOCOM Confrontation. In the video above, about half of the total eight minutes is dedicated to showing off some gameplay, as well as in-game interior and exterior environments. The map shown looks like it's set somewhere in the Middle East (as expected).

The other half of the video, you'll see Joe Rybicki (former senior editor of the now defunct but awesome OPM) interview SOCOM Confrontation director Seth Luisi and design director David Seymour. Luisi confirms that the game will ship with seven maps. Luisi says the goal is ultimately to push for new maps that will give a "next-gen" SOCOM experience; however, they're also still looking into "[seeing] what the interest level is for classic maps." With Luisi also confirming that DLC should come in regular monthly updates with huge content updates "every three months," it's possible to see some more classic maps (and of course new ones, too) in these updates. Pricing for DLC? None yet, but Luisi says "I think comparing it to Warhawk is a fair comparison."

David Seymour chimes in to clarify "destructible cover," as opposed to being misconstrued as destructible environments. Seymour says destructible environments "break the flow and intended design of a map," so instead, less intrusive but equally strategic destructible cover will turn safe spots into hotbed targets. Last but not least, the previously revealed retail bundle (with a headset) might also come with exclusive videos on the disc -- just another reason to choose the retail version over PSN.

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