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Breakfast Topic: Do you give to beggars?


My favorite beggar plea is when they ask for "spare" cash. Like there is the concept of extra change jingling in your pocket in-game. My usual answer to any beggar is "Of course not", but when I'm feeling verbose I'll give advice as to where a good place to quest is for his or her level.

The Spousal Unit has been known to happily say that he will give the beggar 10 gold. All the beggar has to do is meet him in front of the bank in 10 minutes. Then 9 minutes later, he logs off. The tenacious ones will actually add him to their Friends List and bug him the next time he's on. He is willing to string them along as long as they are willing to keep trying.

Just like Gold Sellers are only around because people are willing to buy, beggars only keep begging because people are willing to give them money.

Yesterday I asked why beggars beg. Today I want to know, do you give to beggars? If not, what do you say when you turn them down?

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