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Mythic on the WAR guild beta phase 2 contest: We're on it

Chris Chester

Several players over on the ever-busy Warhammer Alliance forums recently raised concerns about Mythic's commitment to fulfilling the terms of the contest they held for guilds trying to get into the second round of the Warhammer Online guild beta. The contest required guilds to construct WAR-centric guild websites full of guild fan fiction, and winners were going to earn themselves slots in the beta. Problem is, the contest ended back in September of last year!

James Nichols, a WAR community coordinator, stepped in to reassure players that winners have been selected and will be notified "soon." While James explained the delay as a necessary function of the development process, we have a sneaking suspicion that everybody simply forgot about the contest after former community coordinator Richard Dufek left around that time last year. In any case, we're happy to hear the goof was cleared up, and hopefully players will be getting notifications soon.

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