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Poll: What will your next display be?

Darren Murph

With OLED nabbing a whole slew of backers over the past few weeks, it looks like it's got all the steam it needs to really have an impact on the home theater crowd in just a few years. For those content with their current RPTV / LCD / plasma, holding off until 2010 - 2012 in order to snag a large-size OLED may be the perfect choice, but we've all ideas there's a few of you out there dying to trade your set in for a projector. So, for those who have their lives all planned out, what's your next display going to be? A 1080p DLP beamer? A 32-inch OLED? Or maybe a 150-inch plasma (if they ever go mass market, that is), right? Let us know what's on your radar!


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