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Reminder: Mario Kart Wii has voice chat, it's called XBL, PSN, Skype, etc.

Ross Miller

We thought it'd be best to reprint our advice from the Super Smash Bros. Brawl release: if you want to chat up your friends while doing laps in Mario Kart Wii, here are five options we found -- harnessing the power of other consoles or a com-pu-ter -- for chatting up your friends. (Looking for a place to share your Kart friend codes? We'll set up a über-list post closer to tonight's US release. Here's a link to the über-list.)
  • Xbox Live: Or as we've come to know it -- Kart LIVE®. Just set up private chat and off you go. Got more than one friend? Go into a Halo 3 lobby (you do have Halo 3, right?).
  • PSN: Start up a new chat under the "friends" section of the XMB. Invite all the friends you want and wait for them to join. Works and sounds exceptional! USB and Bluetooth compatible.
  • Skype: Set up a conference call.
  • TeamSpeak or Ventrilo: Guilds, clans and other computer types know these services. Perfect for guildies racing together.
  • Nintendo DS: Use Metroid Prime Hunters or Pokémon Diamond or Pearl. Warning: More inane codes required to pull this option off. There are also homebrew options.
Of course, if none of these options are viable, might we suggest using a classic: The phone.
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