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TWC adds Caller ID on TV in Eastern North Carolina

Darren Murph

While Microsoft and the gang are out wondering if folks really want Caller ID on their TV screens, Time Warner Cable is out delivering. Effective immediately, select customers in Eastern North Carolina (from Wilmington to Raleigh) can now see who's calling 'em right on their television screen, but of course, one must be subscribed to digital cable and digital phone to receive the free service. More specifically, Caller ID on TV logs the last ten incoming calls (including the caller's name, number, date, call time and whether he / she enjoys long walks on the beach) and can be turned off if you so choose. The offering is being made as part of a $50 million upgrade in the region, and by this summer, every TWC subscriber in the East Carolina footprint will have access. Personally, we're interested to see what else is bound to come from such a substantial cash investment (more HD, please?). [Disclosure: Engadget is part of the Time Warner family]

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