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X-Play: Xbox Live Orientation

Xbox Live gets us mad. We don't mean because of the dips in service that happen from time to time, we don't mean some of the exorbitantly priced content; we mean the people. We love people, but on Xbox Live social normality is thrown out the window as some gamers just need to turn on that hate. We always thought it was because some people (not all, but you've met these people too) are just straight up jerkfaces (see also, Asshats) but apparently some gamers were just introduced to Live via this orientation video.

X-Play created a (sometimes) funny video that's meant to shine light on the personalities of Xbox Live and how the hate came to be. Video's embedded after the jump due to some NSFW language and crude humor, but remember the whole thing is a gag and is meant to have you shake your head in both understanding and disgust because it's pretty accurate. Unfortunately.


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