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Nintendo not dropping Wii or DS Lite price anytime soon [Update]

Update: Oops! We've realized we covered this before, but think of it this way -- now you're two times more aware of these firm, firm prices as the other denizens of the internet.

Whether you've yet to join the hunt for the Golden Ticket-esque Nintendo Wii, or you're one of the eight people yet to buy a Nintendo DS of some shape or color, we certainly hope that the reasoning behind your reluctance to join Camp N isn't the anticipation of a price drop for the two (relatively) affordable consoles. According to a recent statement from Ninty's Satoru Iwata, there are currently no plans to lower the retail price on either of their money-printing apparatuses.

While this fact isn't exactly surprising considering the systems' sales success at their current costs, Iwata's reason for the set-in-stone price is rather intriguing -- should either system undergo a cheapening, he explained, it would upset those who bought the console at its former price. Yes, we're sure it has nothing to do with the near completion of Miyamoto's personal, Scrooge McDuck-style gold coin swimming pool.

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