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Rumors swirl of Sanyo selloff to Matsushita / Panasonic

Ryan Block, @ryan

Details are fuzzy right now -- and what details there are have been officially denied -- but the Japanese press is having a bit of a field day over the possibility of a Sanyo selloff to Matsushita / Panasonic. Apparently Goldman Sachs, Sumitomo, and Daiwa own some 67% of Sanyo's equity, and as Japanese paper Yomiuri reports, are looking at the possibility of transferring said equity to or otherwise forming a partnership with Matsushita. Again, both Matsu and Sanyo are denying the report as of now, so it's all still up in the air as the salarymen figure out whether to combine both companies to make a corporate entity larger than even Hitachi (which currently sits at the top of Japan's heap).

Update: Panasonic (aka, Matsushita Electric Industrial) just issued the following statement: "These reports are not based on any official announcement by MEI, and there is no fact that MEI is considering on the alliance." Not exactly a denial is it?

[Via Engadget Japanese, thanks Theirry]

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