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Stalin to save Mother Russia from aliens in new RTS

Jason Dobson

The second World War has fueled a nearly uncountable sea of video game titles, but while most have drawn inspiration from the same handful of historic events, none yet have captured the reality that was Joseph Stalin. But reality is boring, which is why we're much more interested in a new RTS by a trio of Russian devs (Wing Foundation, Dreamlore, and N-game) that takes an alternate history stab by pitting the Soviet leader's Red Army against an invasion from outer space. Wait...what?

The brilliantly titled Stalin Vs. Martians is billed as a simplified game designed "for anyone who just hates the strategy genre," with fun and action taking top billing over the kind of micromanagement that's normally the genre's calling card. Says the game's website: "The only resources you can find on the map are power-ups. They look like they should: like shiny rotating coins of bright colors." The devs even state that Stalin himself will be a playable unit in the later stages of the game, as he lumbers on the field as "a huge colossus, five times higher than any other creature. Just like it was in the real life." We can all look forward to driving the extra terrestrials out of Holy Mother Russia when the game ships for the PC this fall.

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