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CCP and EVE need help testing the new networking layer

Andrew Russo

When flying through space in EVE Online, without a care in the world, things can often go wrong rather quickly. For example, when jumping through a stargate on the way home from a successful trading expedition, the game decides to freeze. The stargate then disappears, the UI becomes completely useless, and the only thing on the screen are twinkling stars. What happened here? A massive battle between alliances just took place and the node decided to choke. This means lag, waiting, re-logging, and the never ending cycle of keyboard smashing. Oh what a wonderful world it would be if this did not happen.

Well, with the next Trinity patch, a new networking layer that may ease the suffering of cosmic travelers is being tested. EVE and CCP are requesting some extra players, about 200 or so, to help test the networking layer on singularity. You only need to log in between 1830 GMT and 2100 GMT on the 29th of April to participate in the test. Sound easy? Well it is just that simple. CCP will have a channel devoted to test results and updates throughout the testing period. Hopefully, if successful, we can all avoid the lag when corporations decide to crush one another or when you make that evil trip into Jita. In order to make sure your ship does not implode when you try to log in, be sure to check out the singularity installation and FAQ page to be ready to test and make the universe a better place.

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