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Don't sweat Nintendo, Wii Fit rules UK sales charts


The UK's Chart-Track has told that Wii Fit debuted atop the sales charts with 16.3 million in sales. Some basic mathimicating tells us that means some 232,890 units were sold and Chart-Track estimates that 1 in 10 UK Wii console owners purchased the board.

The sales eclipsed the record-breaking launch of Mario Kart Wii, which saw a 62% drop in sales but still managed to stay in second place on the sales chart. In terms of money, the Wii Fit launch is the third biggest in UK history, behind GTA: San Andreas and Halo 3 (in fairness, it is £70, instead of £45 or less like many games). We can only imagine how the exercise system did in the rest of Europe ... or how it'll do next month in the glorious land of fat: America.

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