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Mario Kart Wii NYC launch: Mario + Priestley = BFF

Majed Athab

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At the Nintendo World Store on Saturday, Mario and has-been heartthrob Jason Priestley combined forces to promote Mario Kart Wii. It was an unconventional union with perfect ties: Two products of the early 90s (90210 debuted in the fall of 1990, Mario Kart two years later) with a passion for racing. However, Priestley wasn't the only pseudo-star wearing a smug smile, as Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford made a surprise appearance to appease the crowd of young debutantes, while their mothers snuck photo ops with their old crush. Mario, of course, remained the most popular persona of the afternoon. After all, who could deny the charm of that adorable mustache?

For pics of the debaucherous after party (was Peach really not wearing any ... !) you'll have to try TMZ -- we were just there for the family-friendly festivities, where young and old challenged one another for racing supremacy. 250 lucky attendees were able to purchase the game early, while everyone had the opportunity to enter a tournament and go hands-on with the Wii Wheel. The top three tourney racers went on to challenge Priestley for a chance to win a Wii and copy of Mario Kart. Of course, there was only one winner: Nazareth (was it divine intervention?). The champion received his brand new system and game, a high-five from Mario, and all-important bragging rights. (So much for Priestley's experience on the race track.)

Other highlights from the Nintendo World Store party? Best Mario Kart t-shirt ever. So, cruise through the rest of our photo gallery below and then be sure to check out Game Daily's interview with Jason Priestley. Is the man a gamer? Find out.

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