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MartinLogan celebrates 25th anniversary with flagship CLX speakers

Steven Kim

MartinLogan, the name synonymous with electrostatic speakers, is celebrating its 25th anniversary by launching the flagship CLX speaker. Here's what to do if your golden ears find the sound of the company's panels let down by the integrated conventional cones in other models: come on back down to Earth (we think ML's marriage of cones and panels is great) and audition the CLX. This beast packs one 57-inch membrane for the high frequencies and another one for the lows. put it all together and you get 100-pounds of speaker that use low-mass films to cover a 56 - 23,000-Hz range. No, it doesn't spec out at the magical 20-Hz, but if that figure is all that's important to you, then you won't appreciate what these are about; besides, a little bird tells us these pair up quite nicely with the company's Descent subs. The CLX will show up in June at $20,000/pair (in a variety of finishes), but act soon and you can get on the list for the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition for $25,000. More eye candy in the gallery; sorry, no ear candy.

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