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Motorola's leaky faucet rumors three new handsets


Motorola may have a few more tricks up its sleeve in the coming months, and while the W388, W396, and VA76r weren't mentioned in the recently leaked roadmap, they're still barely worth mentioning. Info is pretty thin on the W388 and W396 with both featuring 128X128 screens, GPRS, Java, and VGA shooters, or as we like to call 'em, bargain basement sets. The oddly named VA76r offers at least a glimmer of hope in the spec department with a QVGA screen, Montavista 2.6.10 Linux OS, Freescale ArgonLV processor, 2 megapixel shooter, and a dash of HSDPA. No pics, prices, dates, or even solid grounding in reality were provided with this lot, though really, this doesn't have us jumping with wild abandon anyway, go MOTO.

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