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Play as Snake! Metal Gear Online updated with new map, game mode

If you spent your entire weekend sneaking through Blood Bath and Gronznyj Grad, Metal Gear Online's first two levels, you may be ready for a change of scenery. Introducing Midtown Maelstrom, a Middle-Eastern town full of narrow alleyways. Maybe you're also looking for something new to do, as long as you've got a new map.

Sneaking Mission is the name of the newly added game mode and here's how it works: one lucky player will be chosen to play as Solid Snake himself – replete with OctoCamo, Solid Eye and, if more than ten players join, another player will help snake out as Metal Gear Mk II – while the remainder of the less fortunate players will be divided into Red and Blue teams. In order for Snake to win, he must snag a set number of tags from other players; for either team to win, they must take out Snake within a set time. Not a bad way to celebrate three stable days of the Metal Gear Online beta, eh?

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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