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Returning Soul Calibur IV fighters: Rock, Talim, Yoshimitsu


"Hello, you've reached the Namco Bandai slash Bandai Namco offices. How can I help you?"

"Hi, we'd like to speak to the Soul Calibur IV designer, please."

"Is this Joystiq? Again?"

"No. Yes. Sorry."

"I told you to stop phoning. We are never, never, ever going to put Snuffleupagus into the game."

"Not even as DLC?"

"Sir, do you have a legitimate request for him? He's quite busy with intensive mammary modeling."

"Just one: Tell him it would rock if he would introduce Yoshi to Sue in the game."

"Alright, by 'legitimate,' I meant something that would actually make sense."

"TALIM it would ROCK if he could have YOSHI MEET SUE. In Soul Calibur IV."

"Who are Yoshi and Sue?"

"No no, Yoshimitsu. It's sort of a pun, you see. There's also --"

"Let me stop you there, sir. Was there something, perhaps an unexplained supernatural force or the imminent threat of death, that prevented you from asking the question like a normal human being?"

"Oh, come on! Humor is Taki that opens the door to a healthy relationship. Yoda last one I should have to explain this to and ... what was that clicking sound? Hello? Are you still there?"

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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