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The Last Stand returns for titularly improbable second helping

Justin McElroy

You may remember that, back in the spring of 2007, we had what one might call a total crush on the zombie-killing survival game, The Last Stand. Now, almost a year to the day after we first brought word of it, the game has risen from its grave and begun shambling towards us with The Last Stand 2.

Though it's not a huge leap forward graphically, there are some significant improvements, especially to the daylight time-management part of the game. Now you'll be able to move from city to city as you try to survive the zombie apocalypse with your ragtag group of survivors, deciding exactly how much time (and where) they'll hunt for new weapons and others still among the living. Traps have also been added, which give the combat a little more depth. If you haven't checked it out (especially if you haven't played the first game) you absolutely need to.

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