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Video of Psystar's Mac clone

Scott McNulty

Much has been written about whether or not Psystar's Mac clone, the Open Computer, actually exists, let alone if it's legal. A Gizmodo reader sent in some video of his Open Computer booting up and running Leopard. Software Update doesn't work, and the chances of Apple supporting this thing are less than zero.

I'm not against the idea of Mac clones (though I doubt Apple will ever officially sanction it) but if I were in the market for a Mac clone I would want one that was well built. As soon as the Open Computer is turned on the fan is running at full tilt, and it is far from whisper quiet. That's not exactly the mark of craftsmanship.

What say you, TUAW readers, is a super loud fan and boring case design outweighed by the savings and customization that a Mac clone offers up versus gear from Apple?

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