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Cross-dressing for stat boosts: another The World Ends With You innovation


The World Ends With You really does seem to be carefully designed, well-balanced game Alisha's review makes it out to be. That's not to say we would ever doubt our own reviews (which are always 100% accurate), but that this latest article from Siliconera offers another specific example of the amount of thought that went into the creation of this clever game.

Basically, the game uses a "bravery" stat to determine which clothing characters can wear. Bravery can be raised over time, to the point where Neku can wear clothing that isn't necessarily designed for him -- like girls' dresses. This is brilliant because not only does it keep Neku from equipment that would give him another character's abilities and thus overpower him, the stat cleverly mirrors the real world -- as in, only exceptional bravery would allow a teenage boy to slip on a dress for its combat effectiveness.

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